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Thread: Firmware Update

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    Firmware Update


    I have a Wii with a Mod chip installed, D9Pro2.

    Current version of the Wii firmware is 3.3u (On my machine).

    I have a disk that wants to do a system update, I assume to 3.4. At this stage not installing HBC so not concerned re 3.4 and that.

    All the games I currently have work under 3.3, is their any harm to update via the disk to my mod chip?

    The disk and Mod chip are both PAL region.



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    If you don't care about the HBC or .WAD installs, then the 3.4 update does not effect your modchip.

    For softmodders, the 3.3 was the kiss-of-death. Everyone downgraded to the 3.2 and installed cIOS38, 53, and 55 to play Animal Crossing.

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