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Thread: News Channel - Canada?

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    Ca News Channel - Canada?

    I saw online someone went into their news channel and it gave them all sorts of news from all over Canada, when I go into mine it's just the entire world EXCEPT Canada lol, and when I click National it says no headlines found.

    My Wii is set to English and Canada for location not sure what I am doing wrong? Is there a different News Channel I need to download through the Nintendo store? (tried looking there and didn't see one)

    What exactly is the secret to getting Canadian news to show up? It's not super important but I do enjoy seeing what's going on from time to time :P

    Please any help would be appreciated ^^

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    *bump* anyone? been messing around with settings everything still won't show me anything in Canada, it's just a blank piece of land on the globe. D: like we don't exist :S

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    You ever accept the EULA? I know the weather channel et al would refuse to allow me to pick a location and present information without doing so. While it's not the same, I wonder if the principle's the same for the News Channel. The EULA can be found in the Wii's settings...

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    Hmm im gonna try now i was pretty sure i did but lemme check thanks for the tip will post back if that works ^^

    *EDIT* That was it!!! <3 thank you so much, for anyone with same prob go into wii options then internet then end user agreement thing read or skip it and click ok then bam all is well :P

    Thank you so much nightstah!!
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