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Thread: Michael Jackson Sing it Star not loading!!

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    Michael Jackson Sing it Star not loading!!

    Hi all,
    Michael Jackson Sing It Star cannot load!
    It boots but only up to the point where its shows the Mic logo then freezes???

    Any idea?
    Loading with NeoGamma R9 with DVD Cios57rev20

    Cheers in advance


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    What region is your wii and do you have any USB loaders set up?

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    Have a look here. You will probably find that you are running it under the wrong cios.

    Id try using cios 223 v4 (37/38) if that doesnt work try cios 224 v5.1

    You cant change the cios in neogamma. But you can load discs in a usb loader where you can change the cios. Or if you dont want to use a usb loader try cios rev 20 (base 56)
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