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    Post expanding memory

    so we all know that the Wii can do alot. people have made it so we can run custom games and even backups.

    now my question is this:

    if we are able to do all of this, why cant we make an Cios to expand the memory of the Wii. so what i mean is make it able to read bigger cards like 4,8,16,32 and so on. then we can maybe incorporate this into some homebrew like game dumping. we can dump a whole game onto 1 SD card with out using the Mass Storage in the back.

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    The HBC can read SDHC cards, so it can read 4gb & 8gb cards, dunno about bigger tho.

    There may come a time when the dvdripper program (or similar) can access a SDHC card too. But I rip games through WiFi onto my PC anyways.

    The physical memory of the Wii cannot be expanded at all.

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    the wii only will read 2 gig's even if those load, and the Homebrew channel might, but thats it, if u want something like that, then u might have to wait, since im sure it will have a high brick rate, and such to get

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    ok then i can do
    wifi but it downloads at 50-100kbs i know it sucks
    when i do a 2gb in the front sd slot it goes at 500kbs
    when i do a mass storage with my 8gb in the back it goes at like 50-100
    anyone know if their is a way to speed it up?

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    Support for more than 2GB is not gonna be a simple thing to do. However, I like the idea of just pasting an iso on an SD card or USB key and letting the software do the rest instead of burning DVDs.


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