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Thread: Wodeflow IOS61 forwarder / Channel

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    Wodeflow IOS61 forwarder / Channel

    Been searching high and low looking for a forwarder / Channel to run my WODE

    I currently have WodeFlow v1.01 running on IOS61 rev5662
    on HBC 1.0.8 IOS61 v22.30

    But I have had to reinstall Wodeflow 4 times onto my SD card so far due
    to my kids deleteing it.

    So any help to get a forwarder / Channel running would be great.

    Have tried to do it myself - No Success

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    Have you checked HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by desperado836 View Post
    Have you checked HERE
    Been there tried that.

    I have tried most around. Even played with WiiFlow just to get some more knowledge
    before coming here.

    With WiiFow running on IOS 250 (SD) including the forwarder on IOS250 I can run
    WiiFlow and rip games, but due to the fact I haven't fully softmoded my console I can't
    run games from there, that is what my wode is for.

    It all has to do with the IOS , I need WodeFlow (SD) too run on either 61 or 250 with
    the forwarder / Channel running on the same IOS to work, because on
    the others IOS's I either get an error message or hangs (IOS249), when I try to
    install the .wad

    Nothing so far has worked for WodeFlow
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