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Thread: Homebrew Browser - exception dsi occurred on loading

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    Homebrew Browser - exception dsi occurred on loading

    I think this is the right forum for this. I can't seem to find my specific error.

    I just finished modding my Wii (I think). I am using the guide for any Wii with 4.3U. I get to step 3 that has me put AnyWii-Apppack on the SD card. I go to the Homebrew Browser and after a bit a get a bunch of numbers and an "exception dsi occurred" error. Everything else seems to work and have a HDD with a few games on it that work. So, what is going on? How necessary is it?

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    I have the same prob.. When I try to load the browser I get a dsi error and a crap load of text after that...

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    I'm having the same issue. After I softmodded my 4.3 wii last week. Everything else works fine.

    Hope someone can help us out. I'd like to see what's on the homebrew browser.

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    I retried it again and again... And last night it finally took... I didnt do anything different... Just loaded the browser and let it go through all the intialize and update stuff. It froze up and I restarted .. and finally it pulled up the browser...

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    what's on it? anything good? Is there a way to watch movies off the USB drive? I just tried but could not get the wii to find the file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bc320 View Post
    what's on it? anything good? Is there a way to watch movies off the USB drive? I just tried but could not get the wii to find the file.
    The Homebrew Browser allows you to download pretty much everything from here so you don't have to manually download and install the apps. While you're checking out the list all of the media players are right at the top.
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    ok, what does that mean?

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    The dsi error is usually a communication issue with the sd card. This can be the result of using an sd card that is less than compatable, an sd card that is failing, corrupted data on the sd card, and occasionally Homebrew Browser will do this if it has written (as a result of downloading and installing apps from it) a few apps to the sd card.
    Not certain about why this happens in the last example, but I know it has happened to me on recently modded consoles, that I use HBB to download and install 3 or 4 apps with. Suddenly the error will occur and a reset is necessary. Just guessing that any interuption in the flow of data to/from the sd card will cause this.
    If it happens simply just by loading up the HBB, then the data/app itself is corrupted, and HBB needs to be deleted and reinstalled from/to the sd card.
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