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Thread: Problem getting mic to work on X Factor the game

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    Problem getting mic to work on X Factor the game

    Hi guys, i was wondering if somebody could help me, im using a 4.2 E softmodded wii, and running neogamma, usb loader gx, i have a backup of x factor the game, it loads off the disc but wont find the logitech microphone i bought especially to use with this game, it just says unable to find microphone but my usb works because i can play off usb loader gx, has anyone else had this problem? could anyone please help because there doesnt seem to be a thread on here about it. thanks a lot, and a great website

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    Oh man, I swear there needs to be some kind of search option on this site... oh WAIT...

    Sorry, install Hermes 222/223 from my signature and set this game to load off of IOS222 instead of IOS249. It will allow the use of the second USB port.
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