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Thread: Homebrew won't show any of the Apps

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    Homebrew won't show any of the Apps

    I've had a quick search but can't find the same issue.

    When I go to the homebrew channel on my brother's wii it doesn't show any of the apps installed on his HD that are in the /apps folder, it's just the blue screen with the bubbles going up?
    I've used my HD on my brothers Wii and the apps on mine show up. I have copied all of the files from my HD onto my brothers and it still doesn't work. I've pressed 1 on the homebrew channel and made sure USB device is selected.

    I think I've ruled out the Wii because I get the same situation on my Wii , i.e. my HD shows the apps and my brothers HD doesn't.

    Any ideas I'm really struggling with this one.

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    Make sure all the apps have the boot.dol in them


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