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Thread: Need Help For A Newbie ^.^

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    Question Need Help For A Newbie ^.^ (freezing in the midlle of the games)

    This is my first time to asking for help after i buyed a wii 1 month ago. There is a lot questions a want to ask.

    First I buyed a 2nd wii with already sofmod from 3.XU to 4.1U without SD Card, only got 2wiimotes, 2 nunchukes and 1 classic

    It is already installed :
    - neogamma R beta 25 Channel
    - usb loader GX R883 Channel
    - CIOS R20 & 222/223 v4
    - not working shopping channel (i tested it after i installed wifi router from my DSL)
    - 2 weather channels (1 channel is not working and need to reset the wii after loading it)
    - 2 news channels (1 channel is not working and need to reset the wii after loading it)
    - mii channel
    - Homebrew channel 1.0X (not the 1.08)
    - Not working photo channel 1.0

    It is working well with the CD to play several old games. I tried super mario galaxy 2 and no freeze and working well. But i'm so curious since the news, weather and shopping channel in not working after i activated the wiiconnect24.

    First time im googling, i go to this forum ^^

    I search everything and .......
    i have done these :
    - update the homebrew to 1.08 and install ios58
    - installing bootmii in boot2
    - update shooping channel to v20 and working well now
    - update neogamma to R Beta 47 and using forwarder
    - update usb loader gx to r938 and using forwarder
    - uninstall the weather channel since it useless (using dop_mii) but one channel is stiill show in the menu and i don't know to to get rid of it.
    - the news channel, same like the weather channel. there is a channel that still show in the menu but i can't use it and can't delete it.
    - install WiiMC channel

    i Create the backup bootmii at this point.

    I Have internal ATA HDD 80Gb and convert it to external and format it to wbfs (from fat32) use "wii backup manager". I convert several games and i test it using usb loader gx.

    All works fine. I install several games using usb loader gx and total 30 Games and i play it all.

    The problem is sometimes i get freeze in the middle of game.

    So i search another information and i do these :
    - Update USB loader GX 2 (delete all old usb loader gx data in sd)
    - update CIOS236 v5
    - update CIOS 249 rev21
    - install internet channel (via shopping channel)
    - install vote channel (via shopping channel)
    - update photo channel 1.1 via shopping and install IOS61 latest version and install photo channel v3 via wad manager
    - install mii contest channel (via shopping channel)

    I download new games iso (COD Black Ops) and put to the USB HDD via wii backup manager to tried compatibility.

    i Tried to update CIOS202/222/223/234 but failed when using CIOS installer it is said bad hash (es_decrypt -1017). I using IOS 249 or OS 236.

    So i stop updating and I tried again to play games.
    It's become horrible. More freeze time in the middle of game using usb loader gx (ISO 249)
    and cannot using "system default" mode if i playing PAL games like wii music. If i used "disc default" i can play it but i always get freeze in the middle of game.
    I tried to play using neogamma and it can't detect the usb HDD. Before i update the second times the neogamma can detect my uSB HDD.

    I tried to play using disc. Using neogamma or using normal playing. I can play without freezing.

    My guest is something wrong with the USB HDD but i want other opinion. Is it my USB HDD or the wii sofmode that i update, that make unstable playing?

    I hope somebody can help me out ^^

    And About the weather and news channel. How can i delete it?
    I read to use the anytitle deleter but i don't know what must i search in that program ( and i dont want to brick my wii)


    Btw, Is anything wrong with my IOS? Am i need to remove the stub IOS?

    EDit :
    PS : I still not tried cfg and CIOS 202/222/223/224. Will try it now
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    Downloading games is piracy and NOT supported on here. For that reason you are unlikely to get ANY help or assistance from anybody.....sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3AngelNet View Post
    I download new games iso (COD Black Ops) and put to the USB HDD via wii backup manager to tried compatibility.
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