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Thread: NTFS USB HDD help

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    NTFS USB HDD help

    I followed Frog's guide ( and tried moving on to playing backup games from the HDD. I went to the HDD guide Frog listed and apparently I had to go turn my drive in something other than a NTFS.

    Did a little more digging and it turns out I can just put in a ISOs into a folder on the HDD and play from there?

    Couple questions, cause I fear I may be stupid...

    Is a USB HDD the same as using an external drive?

    If I can stick ISOs into a folder on the HDD and play, how? (Guide would be nice. Also, from researching; I read you have to use Configurable USB Loader.)

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    IMO its best to use FAT32 instead of NTFS. With FAT32 you can install most of your apps on the hard drive so no sd card is needed.

    USB HDD = External drive

    I use wii game manager to remove unneeded data from ISO's and convert them to wbfs.

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    (Thanks for your reply.)

    I don't care much for the apps. I just wanna do backups without having to make partitions and yatta-yatta. Also, space doesn't bug me since I don't own that many games to backup. I have a 1.5 TB drive as well.

    Is it possible to load up ISOs from a NTFS USB HDD or no? =x

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    Q. Can I use .iso or do I have to convert to .wbfs?

    A.You can use .iso's but there is no point. Using .WBFS files will save space on your drive. The manager will convert from .iso to .wbfs automatically.

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    What about using the new USB Loader GX v2.0?
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    Okay, let me try and simplify this as much as possible I suppose.... Can you use a HDD set to NTFS without having format it and being able to load Wii backups from the drive using USB LoaderGX V2?

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    We have an NTFS guide; why don't you read that guide and if your questions aren't answered, then inquire within that guide? GX 2.0 supports all cIOS (some cIOS require later versions to support a given USB HD format --- but again, that's stated in the guides).

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