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Thread: Friend cant hack his wii?

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    Friend cant hack his wii?

    My friends disc drive is busted, and he's on 4.3 (PAL). He cant play Brawl, DKCR, any GC games. Does he have any chance of getting HBC, because I doubt wii will run Indy or yugioh.

    will formatting system memory revert to older update so we can bannerbomb?

    also he used to have HBC but uninstalled it for other m. dosent have bootmii afaik
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    you can swap dvd drives out of wiis. but you need a tri wing screw driver. just use your dvd drive and becareful when popping the ribbon cable out. the brown part flips up, just up, not out and up, just up.

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    I also did it last week, experienced no problems. I used this youtube video YouTube - How to Disassemble a Nintendo Wii. There's also a video of them on how to reassemble the Wii and it's explained very good.

    And indeed as NightX says, watch out for the Ribbon Cable, it very easy, just click it upwards, but if you don't know that, you could break it by pulling it out with force.


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