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Thread: Power Saves Problem Please Help!!!

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    Power Saves Problem Please Help!!!

    I tried to copy ACCF to my SD card but whenever I try to copy it, it says it cant be downloaded. How do I fix this!?

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    copying the save correct?

    try a savegame dumper. it can be found on the homebrew browser.
    Here to help in anyway shape and or form (or at least try, ive been out of the wii scene for quite a while)

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    it requires, homebrew channel, and at that point u should just hack your own

    since it has a friend code, it cant be transfered blah blah blah

    either hakc your own
    or download save installer

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    How do you get the Homebrew Channel?

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    twilight hack, install with twilight princess
    ISO install 3.2 or lower, modchip needed


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