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Thread: Question About The Relationship Of Keys.bin to Nand.bin

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    Question About The Relationship Of Keys.bin to Nand.bin

    Hey sorry if this is in the wrong spot, this is my first post.

    When I first installed the homebrew channel on my wii last week I created a nand.bin backup but didn't know that i needed the keys.bin file so i deleted it. Later i have made many modifications such as cios, priiloader, usbloadergx, and installing wad channels.

    What I am wondering is does the keys.bin file change after installing things like how the nand.bin does?

    If i encounter some procedure to unbrick my wii in the future and need the keys.bin file will i be able to generate a new one and use it with my first initail backup of the nand.bin directly after homebrew install? Or will i have to use the new nand.bin that was generated with the new keys.bin?

    Thank you very much for your help and advice in advance

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    I don't know the answer to your question but if your wii is working fine now, why not create a nand backup?

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    No, the keys don't change; make another backup to get it generated.

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    Ok Thank you very much nightstah.

    The reason that i wanted to know was so if i ever needed to virginize my wii to make it easier to switch versions then i could backup to my first nand backup and uninstall homebrew.
    Probably a lot simpler way to do that but i am just wanting to be prepared and thats the only thing i know to do in that event.

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    Virginize? For what reason? The NAND backups will be dynamic (a snapshot if you will of what's installed at the time of the backup). The keys are static to your individual Wii.

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    I have no reason to right now. I am just paranoid and want to make sure i have thought of everything, which is kind of hard since I know almost nothing on this.
    I suppose just so if i ever mess something up i could start back before installed anything but the homebrew channel.
    Does restoring to a NAND backup replace cios and wads with the ones that were installed at the time of the NAND backup?
    (Theoretically)= Is it possible to take a fully bricked wii and repair it with a NAND flasher without having a high experience and skill level.
    Sorry for all the questions im just trying to build a foundation of wii knowledge for myself.

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    Whenever you created the nand backup will have whatever you installed at that time. Its like taking a snapshot. If you were not able to install bootmii as boot2 then you would need to use a nand programmer or send it to someone. Using a nand programmer requires some high experience with soldering.

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