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Thread: is it safe to install channels from wii shop

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    is it safe to install channels from wii shop

    sorry if this is been asked somewhere but didnt see a thread on it.

    new to wii mod sceen, just softmodded 4.3u system with the lego indiana jones hack, every thing works 100% perfect. just had one question ....... before i did this mod, i had formated the wii back to factory defaults and forgot to reinstall a couple channels i had. (mainly my netflix channel) is it safe to goto wii shop channel and download it from there or will it do somthing to un mod my system. if its not safe, what is the safest method of getting it back on there?

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    Yes it's safe.

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    ok, was just wondering cause i had been seeing a lot of places where you could download all the official chanels as wad files and install them yourself. so i didnt know why anyone would that if you could install them the official way. plus i was told not to manualy install any wad file unless there was a good reason for it .

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    From my experience in official updates, some channel will update your IOS too and for photo channel 1.1 it is only download the forwarder from the official update. So if using sofmod 4.X from 3.X the photo channel 1.1 will not working. Only the photo channel 1.0 will working. So still need install the photo channel 1.1 using wad manager.

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    This was my exact question. Just bought Just Dance 2 and copied it to my HDD and really wanted to see what other songs there were but was worried to use the shop channel.

    Eases my mind a bit, Thanks


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