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Thread: drivekey help me

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    drivekey help me

    sorry if i did something wrong by posting this but i need help. i installed my drivekey ages a go and it worked fine but a few months ago my disc drive died and i had to replace it and i think a accidentaly got a d3-2 anyway now the only thing i can do with it is bring up the menu for the drive key (all 5 of my original games work but no burned ones) what should i do

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    Nothing you can do.Drivekeys don't work on d3-2 drives.

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    You can replace the complete drive or easier method is to replace the circuit board under the drive mechanism, pleanty of them around on the internet. It is easy to do if you have some basic soldering skills. 5 points to solder and a copule of flexi ribbons to connect.

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    Is the curcut board of the dvd drive smaller? if so then you have a d3-2 drive


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