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Thread: transfering hd

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    transfering hd

    i want to change the external hd for my wii, can i just format the new one fat32, do the disc check, then do a drag and click of all the data from 1 hd to another?


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    Assuming your old HDD was fat32 also, then yes, that's all it takes. If it was wbfs, then you need to use WBFS Manage and extract the games to your HDD.
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    If you use WBFS manager there is a function on there to push data onto another drive with just one click, probably the best idea and the quickest way to do as you ask. You will however need to format your new drive to WBFS for this to work and your old drive must be WBFS too. If both are FAT32 then yes just drag and drop.


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