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Thread: How to remove or undo the softmod?

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    Question How to remove or undo the softmod?

    Hello community,

    I did a softmod on my Wii about a year ago maybe, following a guide that I found on here, hoping that I'd start using it more. It was neat at first, but I just don't play the Wii anymore really. I'd like to sell my system and games soon, but I want to return it to factory conditions before doing so.

    I've looked through the search function and tried to find information on this, but maybe I didn't know the right things to search for because I couldn't find the relevant information.

    Is there a guide out there on how to undo the mod? Or would anyone be willing to provide email/IM help whilst I attempt to perform the steps if it is a complicated matter?

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    "Virginizing" a Wii can be very dangerous. If I where you, I would run the Hackmii installer and just remove HBC and leave it at that. The buyer won't be any the wiser and maybe thankful that you done part of the work already.

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    I could potentially be cool with that. However, will I then be able to do system updates from Nintendo? If not, then if I sold it to someone, I'd have to tell them to never update it?

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    If you followed a guide from here then you most likely installed Priiloader which will block any updates if you set it up properly. You could launch Priiloader by holding the reset button as you power on your Wii. If Priiloader starts you can go into system menu hacks and disable Block Online and Disk Updates. At that point you could except an online update but depending on your HBC version it may not be removed. So you still may have to manually remove. Also, one thing I found with Priiloader (be design or bug IDK) but with the block updates enabled and then disabled (as I'm suggesting) Priiloader will sometimes still prevent updates. I don't know if the is version specific but I noticed it with v.3.

    I should add that there is a small chance of a brick while updating but there isn't any more of a chance in updating a softmoded Wii vs a virgin Wii. But this will virtually make your Wii a virgin again by removing any softmods.

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