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Thread: Black Screen when starting a game

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    Black Screen when starting a game

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get Guitar Hero World Tour [PAL] to play on my 3.2E Wii. I've got YAOSM installed and have applied all the IOS versions that searching has suggested:

    cIOS 37 rev2

    I've also previously installed:
    Shop Channel and IOS51 Installer
    cIOS Clone Installer (patchmii port) - rev05 (IOS36)

    Anyone got any idea what I've missed? It's probably something obvious but I can't find it. :S

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    try booting in gecko OS, that game is picky on burns

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    Admiral, thanks for your quick response. I've tried it with Gecko and its loaded. Is there any other option other than going HBC --> Gecko OS? I have to launch Gecko via TCP Load because the SD slot in my Wii is slightly broken (no idea how) - in order for the Wii to recognise the SD card I need to push it in past the normal lock and hold it there.

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    you can install it with a wad, it might be posted here, just look around i odnt know where to find it

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    mhm i also get black screens with resident evil umbrella chronicles...
    i have 3.3e v1 with tw hack and hbc.

    just softmodded my wii with cios 36 rev 7, installted the newest gamma loader, softchip loader and gecko os.

    tried diffrent speeds with my sony dvd writer... and diffrent mediums (sony -r, tdk +r, panasonic +r and tevion +r (all +r in dvd-rom mode) ... and diffrent speeds...

    i also tried an "no name" dvd writer from my 2nd pc... nothing seems to work...

    tomorrow i wanna go and buy some verbatimes -r, but i still dont know if i made everything right. hbc shows ios 36 tough... mhm whatever i try i get those damn black screens after loading an game with every loader... need help desperatly please

    edit: i forgot... i have a wii of the first week, so i ordered a wii lens cleaning kit cause i read that this could help.
    And for some strange reason gecko os says something like "No DVD" everytime i try to boot up every DVD i've burned so far... but every other loader boots the disc and then shows up a black screen... mhmm
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    i would try to force boot in gecko os =P

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    mhm force boot? like force pal60 ? o_O

    i recognised i also was using gecko os the non backup version >_<
    tried now backuploader 1.0 and there 2 messages are over each other...
    one i think says "no dvd" the other something with "cant identify" mhm

    i tested some wiiware wads also but everything seems working from the cios side.

    mhm i will go now for some verbatims-r... if i still get black screens i hope its just an dirty lens

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    thats what gecko OS does it force boots xD

    try different settings, maybe it is the lense =\, i dont really know what else sorry Y-Y

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    thank you, i then know i didnt to anything wrong with the softmodding so far... i think...

    i just uninstall ios 249 and installed over wifi ios36 retry fix ... still no luck...

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    so i bought some verbatims -r.
    mhm still only blackscreen... tested it with 4x and 2x speed ... no luck at all..

    next step i try to do is downgrade from 3.3e v1 to 3.2e.

    but slowly i run out of ideas...

    update: i downgraded from 3.3e v1 to 3.2e... reinstalled ios 36 rev 7 (without uninstalling my old ios installtion before) ... still no luck black screen... mhmm ... i read something about an interlaced mode or something where you could also get black screen at wiiware games. i have an old tv set (no hdtv) but every other original works fine with it... and i do use pal isos
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