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Thread: Help! Black screen when wii starts

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    Help! Black screen when wii starts

    If anyone can help it would be reallly appreciated.

    I bought a new wii a couple of months ago in the UK and it came with 4.2 installed.

    I softmodded it using indianpwns and it was working fine.

    But today I decided to update some of the ios's in dop mii, they all seemed to install fine and then I left the wii doing a system scan in dop mii. When I came back there was a bunch of jargon on the screen something about a stack dump.

    I then rebooted the wii and a black screen just appeared. I have tried holding reset while booting to get in prililoader but it does not work.

    I took a nand backup when I first modded the wii- can I use this at all?

    Not sure if I have a boot2 on the sdcard as I was using a Kodak SD card and don't think it worked initially.

    Any ideas would be welcome.

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    start your wii if the blue led light flashers 2 times you have boot 2

    (boot2 is not on sd)
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    Sounds like you installed the latest version of IOS70 which is a stub. Do you have Bootmii installed as boot2?

    Edit: I doubt you do seeing as your Wii is only a couple months old. Do you have a Bootmii backup of your NAND? The only way to repair your wii without boot2 bootmii is via NAND programming.

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    Just turned the wii on, as soon as I push the power button the blue led in the cd in tray flashes once quickly and makes the sound as if its reading a disc, then the balck screen.

    When I first softmodded the wii I did the bootmii backup and have it on my pc. How can I use it to restore my wii?

    Thanks for the quick replys btw.

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    sounds like you have bootmii as ios

    if you have a nand backup then an expert can get your wii backto life there is a few nand programmers on this site that might be close to your area
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    moved to the appropriate section.


    It's not likely that you personally can fix (unless you have advance electronic repair experience) nor is it cost effective. You will have to send it to a programmer and let them do it for you. (for a fee of course)

    list of programmers
    1. Bad_Ad84 (england)
    2. Streamlinehd (US)
    3. Krafter (US)
    4. erikie (Netherlands (Hoofddorp))


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