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Thread: Exploits to downgrade system menu with a modchip

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    Exploits to downgrade system menu with a modchip

    I have a Wii with System Menu 4.3E and a Wasabi DX modchip.

    I now wish to put Homebrew Channel on the Wii and from what I can see on the net and particularly this forum is that I need to downgrade to at least 4.2E.

    Is there an easy way to do this using the Wasabi DX? ie Can I burn some legal software to DVD-R and run it?

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    read fully and carefully follow this guide

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    you dont realy need to downgrade wants your softmoded im still on 4.3e its optional to downgrade but not to 4.2 but to 4.1 follow the 4.3 guide in my sig
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