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Thread: Links Crossbow Training Issue

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    Unhappy Links Crossbow Training Issue

    First I apologize if the answer is somewhere on the site already. I have searched and searched to no avail.
    I followed the "4.3 SoftMod Guide" in the recomended faqs guides section. I can't figure out what ios to use for Links Crossbow Training. I would really like to get this backup to work as the actual cd is not doing too good. I have it backed up on a usb hard drive in a wbsf partition. Any help is very appreciated.

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    Backups rely strictly on the cIOS (Custom IOS ie IOS 222/223/249/250) and not a given IOS. That being said, take a look at this thread. I don't think the game may be listed (again, only applies to your original via disc channel), but post #2 gives you instruction on how to find this out. If you do so, please submit to that thread (it's not a question thread, but a contribution thread) and we'll see it's added.

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