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Thread: Softmod 4.3U System will not boot with SD card

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    Softmod 4.3U System will not boot with SD card

    Hi - I'm a noob here so bear with me. I just completed a 4.3U softmod w/ usb loader gx. Everything seems to work great except the next day when I turned on the wii it just went to a blank ( black ) screen. I later figured out that if I remove the sd card it would boot up fine, then after its booted up I insert the sd card and accessed my games on the usb drive. Very strange, the night before I went through a few power cycles and things appeared normal. I checked the priloader and the options there look OK - its set to autoboot. I also noticed that sometimes the usb loader will not load a game and I have to turn off the wii, less of an issue but a data point. Any thoughts??? Thanks!!!!

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    try renaming the bootmii folder on your sd card
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    I will try that when my tyrant boss lets me go home tonight, I'll post up the results!!! Thanks!


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