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Thread: Problems while adding games to my ADATA 320 Gb CH94 HDD

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    Problems while adding games to my ADATA 320 Gb CH94 HDD

    Good Day!

    Well I don't know if this is the right place to post this kind of problems, I did scout the forum and I thought this to be the most appropriate part of the forum to do so...

    OK, so I bought a new ADATA 320 Gb External HDD ( IT seems to work fine.

    I Partition the Drive, and formated one partition WBFS and one NFTS, I uploaded a bunch of games i had backed up, and several a friend of mine backed up.

    The first times it worked on CFG USB Loader 46. but the second and further times it didn't.

    After this I formatted the Whole 320 Gb's as WBFS and uploaded two games, it worked,
    so I decided to upload the rest of them, and after doing this the loader wouldn't mount the drive...

    I started getting Puzzled, I installed Wii Flow and Usb Loader GX and I got the drive to work with 6 games, but after I uploaded all the 30 games I have they don't read the disk...

    I'vce tried all the types of formats:

    320 GB's WBFS
    320 GB's Fat32
    320 Gb's NFTS

    100 GB's NFTS + 220 GB's WBFS
    100 GB's NFTS + 220 GB's Fat32
    100 GB's NFTS + 220 Gb's NFTS

    100 GB's FAT32 + 220 GB's WBFS
    100 GB's FAT32 + 220 GB's Fat32
    100 GB's FAT32 + 220 Gb's NFTS

    100 GB's WBFS + 220 GB's Fat32
    100 GB's WBFS + 220 Gb's NFTS

    And so on with different drive distribution.

    I always leave the Wii Partition with the games on it as the Active and Primary partition.

    SO... what could i be doing wrong?

    I've been using WBFS manager and Wii backup manager...

    What protips could you give to a Geek for computers and a Noob on Wii Hacking?

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    Have you checked the compatability list to see if you HDD is actually compatible with the wii, some are not! Just a thought.
    Also, you might try updating you CFG to the latest version, I think its 61b.

    Compatability list link
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    check the compatability list in my sig

    cfg loader guide in my sig

    there is a guide in my sig for usb fat 32 best with cfg loader
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    Update your loaders. cfg is up to 62 now. listen to piere too, fat32 is the way to go.

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    I've hit you thanks button skellinator because I wasn't aware that there was a newer version of CFG. Will be updating a bit later. Thanks!!!

    Also, my HDD is formatted to WBFS and works fine with CFG, my old drive was FAT32 but I replaced it so put the files onto my PC and found it quicker to put them onto the new drive with WBFS manager, that's why my drive is formatted to WBFS.
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    Thanks for the Feedback, well, I forgot to state that but I did check both compatibility lists (Wiihacks and GBAtemp) and found my drive on the GBAtemp list.

    I have also managed to make it work "sometimes"...

    I also checked the game compatibility list and just one of the games states it might have problems (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories)

    I'll Update CFG Loader to see if that helps :3 iŽll let you all know the outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post
    cfg loader guide in my sig

    there is a guide in my sig for usb fat 32 best with cfg loader
    It seems i had the Boot.dol file wrong, since i just changed it and it seems to be working, I will just try to upload all the games i have to see if we have the same result.

    Thanks in advance From Monterrey Mexico!


    Peire! If I could thank you one thousand times I would XD

    The problem was being caused because I had the wrong Boot.dol file, after changing it and installing the Forwarder I've had no other problems.

    Once Again Thanks!!

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