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Thread: updating to 4.3

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    updating to 4.3

    I have a softmodded wii 4.2u i recently purchased zumba for my girlfriend but she cant play without updating n if i update my console it will not be modded anymore and gamestop wont give me full credit back so should download the game n put it on my hd instead..i heard priiloader can black boot disc upgrade..wha shuld i do..

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    if you install priiloader to block disc updates that will help you out. Also if you're softmodded just load the retail disc through neogamma which blocks the update. You can back the game up to your hdd in your loader if you would rather do that. (Backing it up would be the easiest route.)

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    if you use priiloader to block updates, and the game gives you a black screen at load (through the disc channel)
    search and see if you can find the IOS the game uses. That'll need to be updated for the game to work
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