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Thread: Looking for Lego Indiana Jones or Yu Gi Oh

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    Looking for Lego Indiana Jones or Yu Gi Oh

    Hey thar

    After face palming for a while at the prices on ebay and amazon and seeing that every retailer online is sold out for each of these games, I'm at a deadlock. I've check my local game shops for new or used copies (I live up in scotland in dundee) and even check all the blockbusters in town to no avail. Even checked with my friends across europe for help, I maybe able to get a copy of lego indie from a finnish auction site but its a huge hassle. If anyone could direct me to a rental website that has it in stock (I hate you cant see if its in stock before you pay the monthly fee) or an uk seller that is reasonable priced or if a member is near by to me, or if someone would kindly rent, sell or loan me a copy to pop the cherry of my virgin 4.3e wii i would be quite thrilled. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mingebag View Post
    pop the cherry of my virgin 4.3e wii
    ROFL!!! I have heard a lot of remarks related to virgin Wii's (and made plenty myself ), but that one is a new. I can't stop laughing!!

    Sorry, I know this post isn't too helpful, I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh.
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    Still looking for help if anyone can gimme a hand.

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    i got brawl XD

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    As do I but of course i luck out and the ntsc system doesn't work on the pal version


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