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Thread: Karoke Revolution - Microphones not working

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    Question Karoke Revolution - Microphones not working

    I softmodded my wii following the wiihacks 4.3 soft mod guide in December last year. I use CFG loader v60 and I can play any game I have put on my USB HDD so far.
    I put Karaoke Revolution onto the HDD and plugged in the logitec wii sing mic to the other USB slot.
    The problem is that the micophone is not recognised as being plugged in by the game (I have tried two mics so its not the mic).
    I have searched the forums and think I need to install IOS 250 base 56 or 57 but I am not really sure.
    Would someone who understands these things please advise what I should do.

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    search hermes installer v4

    set ios 222,223 to enable usb mic

    although 249 (56) v 20 does support usb 2.0
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