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Thread: USB Loader GX r1037 Fail

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    USB Loader GX r1037 Fail

    So I had USB Loader GX r825 and saw an update; thinking this would make it run more smoother I updated using the Loader with my wii. Now I am at r1037 and whenever I load a game of my external hard drive, it takes me to a blank screen and causes my wii mote to turn off. Any idea on how to get the r825 back? or make the [removed] update work?!
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    What cios 249 revision are you using?

    When you select a game select settings then game load to change the cios your games will load with. Try using 250, 224

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    "What cios 249 revision are you using?"

    What do you mean by that?

    I tried what you did and used 250 or 224, and it still gives me the black screen.

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    While I'm in agreement with the usefulness of other loaders, this thread has gone almost completely off topic. Enough discussion about CFG vs. GX and other useless posts. There are other threads for that. Offending posts removed.

    @OP - Updating from an older rev to the most recent may be causing conflicts through the config files on your card / drive. Delete all files related to GX (backup your game images if need be so that you do not have to download them again) and reinstall fresh from the download on the googlecode page.


    This thread has also been relocated to a more appropriate forum.
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    user is using r1037 which isnt for public use its for beta testers...OP Get GX 2.0


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