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Thread: Backup loader disc reading HELP!

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    Backup loader disc reading HELP!

    Hi, i am on 3.4 and i recently tp hacked it and installed everything, backup loader had been working fine for about 3 months with animal crossing lets go to the city and all the others. Then suddenly i put the disc in this morning to continue my game and it got stuck in the loading screen and then said it couldnt read the disc!
    i am using sony dvd-r havent had a problem till now, help! i burnt it on x4 i think i am going to re-download and burn at x2
    but i dont know if it will help!

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    animal crossing needs IOS 38, maybe it just randomly wanted to 100% want it xD, try installing IOS 38, 53, 55

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    where do i get them?

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    go on my profile, i just posted the link there

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    it says i dont have permisson to access it!

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    thanks alot game works, but was wondering if i can play any ntsc iso games on my wii pal and how i would do it? thanks alot

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    where do i get it?

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    searching, or googling......

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