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Thread: trouble installing CIOSv9 and backup launcher

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    Exclamation trouble installing CIOSv9 and backup launcher

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Wii with 4.2E system version.
    Now I have managed to get Home brew installed however I can not take that to the next step of getting backup launcher to install.

    I have searched all over and tried many different downloads but still not getting anywhere.

    ** Problems so far **
    1 - installing CIOS downloads all files then when installing fails with error -1

    2 - black screen and freezes when try to install different download of CIOS or even Uloader

    3 - Wad manager - freezes on 2nd step after i have selected ISO249 for install.

    Now i am certainly no expert in anything and have only got so far by reading the net. but i can not find any one way that just works.

    please please please help me.


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    Follow a 4.2 guide in the guides and tuts section linked below

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    Exclamation backup launcher and neo not working

    Ok so i followed the tut again, as mentioned I already have homebrew installed. However I get backup launcher installed and running but it won't load the disc.

    Now the Wii I am trying to softmod is a friends, Mine I have already done and it works fine, so I am completely lost on what to do.

    I have installed backup launcher and neogamma as channels and still both won't load the disc, and i have tried and couple of different disks.

    any ideas or clues??? what other information do you need to help me resolve this??

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    Does Neo Gamma show IOS 249 Rev 17 along the bottom of the screen when it loads? How old is this Wii? If slightly over a year or newer, it won't play DVD backups (D3-2 or D4 drive).

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    The Wii is about a year old... it's one of them black coloured Wii's.
    so there is nothing I can do? has nintendo put new dvd drives in to stop this?

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    yes, new wii's can't read burned games
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