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Thread: Out of the loop for awhile....older Wii and WiiKey.

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    Out of the loop for awhile....older Wii and WiiKey.

    I have an older Wii with a WiiKey chip installed. Had a CycloWiz chip but had all sorts of problems, so I got the Wiikey for it. Had it working for awhile without problems.

    Last update I've done (if I recall correctly) was for the WiiKey when Super Mario Galaxy or SSB: Brawl came out and it was needed.

    Now, after maybe 2 years of a friend borrowing my Wii, I got it back. I wanted to use NetFlix, but I need a system update for the Wii before I can access the shopping channel.

    I'm afraid to do this with my old outdated chip firmware/software. I think the last I had on it was Wiikey 1.3.

    Is there any way to achieve these goals:

    1. Netflix/internet, connect to computer and maybe watch DVDs
    2. Play backup games (and online) (Including new releases)
    3. Play games from any region

    Not sure how to exactly check which Wii firmware I'm at or Wiikey itself, but that's what I can remember.

    - My buddy does all of those with his softmodded Wii, but if I can use the chip already installed, I'd like to do that. Or just whichever is easier/better.

    Thanks a lot!!

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    you may like to:
    -- many good readings in FAQ sections for your benefits
    -- update the wiikey with 1.99 beta and config
    -- continue to softmod to 4.1x (ie. mauifrog's SoftMod Any Wii)
    -- keep your nandbackup and homebrew channel, safe & alive
    -- play any game with a usbhdd


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