Hi there,

I'm trying to play X Factor on my Wii, via a 750 GB HDD with 1 FAT32 partition using Configurable USB Loader. The game works under IOS250, but when it gets to the "insert microphone" bit, connecting the microphone to the Wii doesn't do anything. So, I searched around here and found that microphone games need Hermes IOS223. I already had it installed, but I thought I'd reinstall it using this guide to be safe (using IOS249).

With that done, I opened up Configurable USB Loader, changed the IOS to IOS223-mload and pressed A. At this point, it says "Base IOS38 mload v4" and then, oddly, my Wii's blue internet light starts flickering randomly between random intervals and my USB HDD starts making sounds as if it's loading over and over again, and the game doesn't load. I've left it on for a while and nothing has changed. It doesn't seem to be frozen, as I can still use the reset button.

This happened with Monster Hunter Tri, as well.

I was wondering if anyone could help me fix this?


EDIT: I used sysCheck to create a report, if it helps. It's below.