Hi Im trying to come to grips with how my softmodded wii works and last night I felt brave and added an IOS (to try and get a particualar game to work). I have a few questions please. Im using CFG usbloader version 62 IOS 250 (r65535 frag), my wii is a 4.3E.

1) When I added a WAD using wad manager 1.7 it asked me to "select IOS version to use". Now I could alter this to a huge number of IOS, it started with 249 so I chose this. Should I have chosen this or should I have chosen 250 because i think my usbloader is 250 (it actually shows v62 249, then 250 frag when the usbloader is booting). What does this actually mean because the wad im actually installing is IOS 53...sorry im confused!

2) I only run games off an external hard drive as my wii will not play cd's/dvd's will adding IOS's help to make a game work or are they only used for the DVD run backup's. If im only using a loader is it necessary to find the IOS's that are needed?

3) I have a backup ISO Toy story mania, it ALWAYS freezes at the same spot where by the wii remote seems to disconnect and the music sticks on 1 note. Is this likely to be a faulty ISO or am i missing a hack. I have installed IOS53 (rev4113) as per listed advice. All my other back up games seem to work pretty perfectly so I dont think it is a problem with my softmod.

4) I wish to go on to wiishop to get some channels, I have priloader blocking disk and online updates......is it safe to use the shopping channel or will something happen to my wii?

5) I am using NUS downloader...is this a safe place to get channels, ios's etc?

sorry for the multiple questions but thanks in anticipation if I get a reply. In case it helps I have included a syscheck.