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Thread: i need serious help

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    i need serious help

    i want to downgrade my wii from 3.3u to 3.2u i tried every downgrader ciosdowngraderinstall.dol but its just a single .dol file i keep finding and my homebrew channel dont show it can someonehelp me out and thanks

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    just read canada's thread, about it =\ some serious help x.x

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    ok when i try to install the ios downgrader it restarts my wii what now i would pay anyone to dothis for me im so lost dude

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    what do you mean restarts? like when it finishes? did you go and check your version after it restarted?

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    like itdont load the downgrader it just restarts my wii system it dont load to the downgrade screen

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    go to the bottom left bottom for your options in the wii main menu and click the wii options on the right and in the top corner, what version does it show??

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    add me to windows live messanger my email is

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    its still shows 3.3u

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    everything works fine untill step six it just restartsmy wii when i try to load the downgrader from homebrew channel

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