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Thread: Quick Noob Question guys.

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    Quick Noob Question guys.

    Hey everyone whats up?? Just have a quick one here. I've used wiimc
    for a while. I didnt notice there was a channel installer for it in the hbc. I went ahead
    and installed this, and everythings fine. I was just wonderingif I should delete the one I have for it and just run it from the channel installer.It seems like the channel installer download was a few mbs and the otherone you launch from the homebrew channel is few mbs bigger. Of course I reallythink the only difference is like a few mbs, but I was wondering if thats somethinganybody else does, or if they would leave it in both the homebrew channeland as a channel itself. I guess I could see if you caught like some sort of brickwhere you couldnt access your system menu or any channels so then maybe if you launched the hbc from bootmii or priiloader and had your wiimc on there then you could load it. Just didn't know if that seemed erroneous to have it in both places or not. More just maybe like personal preference really.

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    The channel installer is a forwarder, that means it reads the file that is on the SD card, so you will still need the files on the SD card. Think of the channel as a shortcut on your desktop.

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    Cool Man. Thats whats up.


    Since were on the topic of forwarders and channels can you direct me on
    how I'd make a forwarder/channel for usb config 63 or if theres one already out there
    that I can download or something. If you dont mind please. Thanks stomp_442


    N/M just as simple as installing a wad. I got the newest forwarder from Cool.
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