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Thread: Problems with usbloaderGX, possibly out of date homebrew?

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    Problems with usbloaderGX, possibly out of date homebrew?

    Ok so about a year ago i installed the homebrew channel in teh hopes to mod my wii, though thats as far as i got.
    Recently i decided to look into softmoding and discovered the USBloaderGX!!

    I instelled the usb loaderGX (the latest version) and I have a formatted, dedicated external hard drive with a few games. I've checked the compatibility lists and my external works.

    The problem is, when i load the usb loaderGX channel, i get the slash image, a black screen and then a ridiculous error message:

    Exception (DSI) Occurred!
    Stack Dump
    Code Dump
    Reloading in 5 seconds

    I'm thinking that my homebrew is out of date, perhaps the CIOS ?

    Is there a safe way to update it?
    How could i go about fixing this predicament?

    Thanks for any help

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    First off, click the 4.1u portion of my signature to find a softmod guide. Start it from the top, even if you have the items mentioned. This will guarantee that you will be good to go. Follow EVERY (non-optional) step in the guide. If your USB Loader GX doesn't work after that, then I suggest CFG USB Loader (link also in my signature).
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    LOL, why does it never occur to newbies that the problem is related to using a crappy loader? There are sooooooooo many posts titled "Why won't my games run on GX?" that you would think the answer would be obvious.

    @OP: GX and fail are best friends, so don't expect to see one without the other.
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