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Thread: Black Screen after HBC 1.0.8 update <-corrected

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    Angry Black Screen after HBC 1.0.8 update <-corrected

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with my softmodded Wii. I recentrly updated the HBC channel to version 1.8 (I used to have version 1.5). After the update my Wii started giving me issues. First the new HBC wold not work properly, there is nothing on the main screen of the HBC except for the background and when I press the home button, it would crash at times. I tried updating the USB loader GX after this, but now it doesn't work either (after the update), it just gives me a black screen when I try to access it.

    However, the most annoying issue is that the Wii gets frozen after I try to access USB loader GX and it won't turn off unless I manually press the power button on the unit. And then after I force it to restart, the Wii won't start again it just stays at a black screen! The only way I can get it to work again is to unplug it for about 10 seconds and plug it again.

    Anyone has any leads on how to fix this problem? can uninstall both the HBC channel and USB loader GX and install them again? and if so how do I do that?

    Everything was working perfectly until I updated the HBC through the Wii, I have BootMii installed and I backed up my NAND if necessary. I am in the process of searching the forums for probable solutions but so far all I get in every search is every sticky thread posted as a result to my query, so I figured I'd post here and while I keep looking for possible solutions.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Also, I'm betting you neglected to install IOS 58 (necessary and required for HBC 1.0.8 to function correctly).

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    I believe I did introduce myself, quite a while ago, but I can do it again if needed to be..

    Now, regarding this ISO 58. I was not aware I had to install it. I thought the HBC updated itself from the HBC menu on the Wii. In which case, mind pointing me in the right direction as to where I could further read into installing ISO 58?

    On a side not I found thread on blackscreen causes and solutions, namely: . However, the solution it gives for errors with HBC is to download the Multi-Mod Manger and install all the WADs that it comes with. Question is, should I do this? or just install IOS 58?


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