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Thread: neogama stopped working!

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    neogama stopped working!

    i was happy playing my gamecube games on my neogama loader but then i decided to try darkcorp. i installed the virgin method, upgraded to 1.1, installed that wiigator gc launcher thing and the wanikoko thing. then when i went to play my gc game, i got a green screen! ( the neogama loader i was using was a channel on the menu) the neogama r8 works but i have to use it by going through hbc which i dont want to do. how to fix neogama r7?

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    1) how do i uninstall r 2) where do i place the forwarder in my sd card? in the wad folder?

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    Didn't like 5 people just tell you in this thread?

    Put the neogamma r7 wad on your sd card in the wad folder. Put the neogamma dol forwarder wad into the wad folder on your sd card. Open wad manager from homebrew. uninstall neogamma r7 wad. Then install neogamma dol forwarded wad.

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    Look for a thread called "latest neogamma channels" to have the latest neogamma r9.

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    yea but they told me after i asked this question so i did the neogamma r8 thing with the forwarder and i STILL got a green screen at the game launch. and for osme reason when i went into the wad manager and tried to uninstall neogamma r7 it said completed unsuccessfully.


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