The DaedalusX64 Team has released a new build of their ongoing Nintendo 64 emulator project for the PSP.


[=>] Merged from Daedalus-Dev branch :
[+] Implemented blendmode maker (blendmodes can be made in real time now, and now is really easy for anyone to make blendmodes) - Corn
[!] Fixed Display Debugger not working in Paper Mario - Corn
[~] Debug build compiles again (got broken in 630) - Corn
[~] Corrected regression that caused DKR and other games to crash
[~] disable loop opt for Cybertiger (fixes crash when starting the game)
[~] Corrected regression that broke pokeballs in Pokemon Stadium 2
[=>] Merged from Daedalus-N64 branch :
[+] Delay initialize MediaEngine. So that we can suspend if we don't use Async Sound. (If you use async sound once, before you exit to XMB, you can not suspend anymore.