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Thread: [PROBLEM] Froze at "initializing disc" screen of Coverfloader.

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    [PROBLEM] Froze at "initializing disc" screen of Coverfloader.

    hi, yesterday i installed rev19 by the rev19 installer and now i when i start coverfloader it starts to load it up but it stays on "Initializing Disc" on the loading screen. i unplugged the drive out of the wii console and tried again and again. but still same thing happens.
    is my wii bricked from the rev19 installer or something? or is there a solution to this?

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    Try another loader like USB loader gx, Cfg USB loader or wiiflow.

    Did you checked our USB compability list to make sure your hdd is there?

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    i realy want to stick to coverfloader, i haven't checked the compatibility lliist but before i installed the rev19 installer. it worked perfectly fine. but after i installed rev19, it froze on "initializing disc".

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    Noting that i have another USB loader, i tried loading my drive with it but it still doesn't come up. i plugged the drive on my computer and it worked fine. i 'm guessing that there must be something wrong about the wii.


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