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Thread: Question about Netflix on Softmodded Wii

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    Question about Netflix on Softmodded Wii

    I had a Wii with 4.2 on it that I recently softmodded. It all seems to work fine but I was wondering... Can I still use netflix on it? and if so how do I get it. If I try to use the wii store it says I need an update and I am pretty sure that I shouldn't get an update from Nintendo period. Should I have installed Netflix before I did the softmod?

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    yes you can...

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    Make a post in there.

    Look for Krank's guide for updating your shopping channel, then you can safely download the netflix channel.

    Edit: I know Des, but I was feeling nice.......
    Update the Shopping Channel to v20 [GUIDE]
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    Thank you very much.. I did a search for netflix but was only getting things I had already read and wasn't seeing how netflix had anything to do with the topics that it listed in the search. I appreciate the link. I will try this tonight


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