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Thread: Clarification for a newb. Soft Vs Hard Mods.

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    Clarification for a newb. Soft Vs Hard Mods.


    Ill try to make this a short and sweet (direct to the point) as possible.
    My 4 year loves his nintendo. Unfortunately He tries to be a little to independent and he manages to keep trashing games. After buying SMB for the 3rd time (his favorite game), I decided to look into Modding the Wii.

    I starting reading about all the different mod chips, what they do and how they work. I also read many stickies on many different forums about softmods that let you play games directly from an external HDD.

    After several hours of reading and searching I think I have everything down but I want you're guys opionions.

    If I need a modded Wii for the soul purpose of playing my backups, and if possible Not having to burn each one to a disk (I.E. playing them off a HDD) and also possibly playing some old ROMs, would a Hard mod have ANY bennifit to me over a softmod?

    Basicly from what I have read, when it comes to just playing backed up games, the hard mod dosnt have any advantages over a soft mod besides being able to play a burned back up. So basicly if I soft mod it, I HAVE to play off of a HDD. Which is what I want to do any ways.

    Is there ANY other advantages to having a hard modded chip? I have no problem buying one but after reading everything I could I cant find a positive for ME to hard mod it.

    That being said, there are a TON of stickies out there and a lot of information so ill be the first one to admit that a few hours of research isnt enough. I just want to get on the right track of what I should focus my reading on.

    Last counsel I hard modded (besides water cooling a X360) was a PS1 so its been a while to say the least

    Thanks for any help or guidance.

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    From the sounds of it, you will be better off softmodding. If your wii is fairly new, I don't think it will read burnt disc. I am not sure if a hardmod fixes that ( I know VERY little about hardmods).

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    After I posted I realized I didnt make mention on what Wii i had. Mine is one of the original Wii's. I would say 3 years old now if not older. Thanks.


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