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    make channels

    ok so i wanted to make a channel out of rubgcbackup launcher neogama, wii 64 and stuff like that but the problem is, when mmm opens up, the app for example wii 64 appears on the screen, but if i hit it it just goes to the wii64 menu. even when i go into the homebrew channel, and hit it it just loads up wii64 and neogama and those apps. basically the thing i need is to make a channel out of these apps on my wii menu. anyone know how?

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    Full channels are about useless for most apps, because most apps require additional files be placed on the SD/USB storage device. What you want is forwarders, there is going to be a guide posted in a few days, the guide is going thru the testing stage. There are forwarders floating around for most apps, look at the GC guide in my signature, download the package I have provided, in that package you will find a forwarder for NeoGamma.

    Wii64 forwarder - download. I just tested this forwarder and works fine, even exits correctly to the Wii menu. The search path is root:/apps/Wii64/boot.dol
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    do i save that .wad file in the wad folder? like do i save this download link u supplied me with in the wad folder?


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