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    Us Holler at ya boy!

    I just finished installing my brand spankin' new D2Pro9 with wii-clip2 v4 on my Wii. I'm happy as a porcine in fecal matter. Now I have to learn how to burn backups. Are the LG drives the only ones that can read my Wii discs for backup purposes? Does anyone have a good link to where I can buy a new one? That would be great. The tutorial from canadamods was perfect and so was their product so far. I received an early holiday gift and I love it so far, even though I haven't even used it yet, haha! Thanks for all the help I have been getting on the forum and I look forward to learning and using all the knowledge on this site. For me it's on to installing the homebrew channel and injecting a few games onto my console. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE, especially CANADAMODS, WIIWOULDLIKETOHACK, ADMIRAL VICTORINOX and KYLE.

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    awesome. thanks for the links. cant wait to start using my backups. ive been playing snes games nonstop since hacking my wii with homebrew and the wad manager. the wii is one crazy machine.


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