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Thread: Full Brick need boot1c boot2v4 PAL nand dump to fix that

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    Full Brick need boot1c boot2v4 PAL nand dump to fix that


    I come from Germany,and Iīm new here in the Forum.

    I need help to unbrick a newer Wii PAL Mainboard LEH290 boot1c boot2v4 with my Infectus Programmer.

    Itīs a Full Brick Savemii dongle donīt work red led stays on,another User have bricked the Wii with downgrade.

    Itīs hard to find a full working boot1c boot2v4 PAL nand dump in the net to fix the brick.

    I have only an older Wii with Bootmii in boot2 (boot1b boot2v4) the nand dump is useless for newer Wiiīs.

    can anyone help?

    I need only a full working boot1c boot2v4 PAL nand dump to patching Keys.bin from the bricked Wii and write it back with my Infectus Programmer.

    best regards

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    Do you have the keys.bin from the bricked wii?

    if so, all you need to do is use your wii as the donor.

    the resulting nand from betwiin will have boot1b/boot2v4

    then just paste in the boot1c/boot2v4 bootblocks that i have posted numerous times

    You DO NOT need a dump with the matching bootblocks, you can insert these afterwards.

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    Hello Bad_Ad84,

    Thanks for your Reply

    I solder this coming weekend my Infectus Programmer and make a nand backup to save the Keys.bin from bricked Wii.

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    You can't recover the keys with the Infectus. They are not present in the nand. You have to have the keys.bin that was created with Bootmii. A full brick Wii without a NAND backup or the keys is unrecoverable with or without an Infectus.

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    Hello Krafter,

    Thanks for your Reply


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