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Thread: Error message cfg Usb loader! help needed.

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    Error message cfg Usb loader! help needed.

    hi, im kinda new to soft modding .

    My problem is that i cannot get backups to play via usb hardrive, i tried playing my game backups through configurable usb loader and then i recieve this error message
    Error: cios249rev18, cios222v4,cios223v4,cios224v5 or higher required for starting games from a fat partion, upgarade ios249 or choose a different ios.
    and also when i try playing my backups through usbloader gx i get a black screen , it happens to all games?

    Help a fellow newb
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    Gx is not reliable stick with Cfg. You get that error because you are loading from FAT32 or NTFS.

    You can fix it in 2 ways...

    1. Use the 222 revision of Cfg USB Loader (If you have cIOS222 installed).
    2. Update your cIOS249 Rev 17 to Rev 20 or 21.
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    I use NTFS and have 249 ver of CFG and just updated my 249 to rev21

    all works great!!!!

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    hi thank you for your helpful responses, but one thing how do i update my cIOS249rev 17 to rev 21 or 20?


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