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Thread: Nintendo 3DS Teardown Pics

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    Nintendo 3DS Teardown Pics

    A factory worker has stolen another 3DS for personal bragging rights on a Chinese forum.

    The pictures are not the quality you would see from a place like iFixit, but they are interesting nonetheless.

    Here's a video rundown of everything:

    And a link where you can view the many, many pictures: 3DS - NDS

    Crappy Translation (provided by Google Translate):

    Taiwan starting 3DS host dismantling drawings (including image Figure)
    Finally, the A chatter of the microphone at 2011-1-12 09:37

    3DS today the upcoming host, has been the major station in one after another that has a beginning has been out of the intended message

    This station will light more than ten thousand of the purchase price of the tour

    Of course, price alone is not cheap when you look inside to hand what components
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