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    Please advise

    Okie guys my turn to shared my trouble with you all. I just recently got my modchip d2pro9 v3 with v4 wii clip from modchipdepot and i notice that it has a blue sticker label D2E which when i open up my wii and saw that my wii is D2C anywase i installed the chip and it gave me a constant red light, no red blue quick flash light. So i assume that it's configure for the D2E chip instead of the D2C. One quick question, all d2pro v3 modchip are that same right? it just a matter how it was configure to work with the specific dive chip by soldering the point from the modchip the the clip right? If so, how would i configure it to work with the D2C drive chip? I do have soldering skills so i have no worry. Thank you.

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    NVM guys i got it to work now so i'm just burning my backup of the game to see if it'll play the backup. I'll keep you guys updated. BTW it was my fault i didn't push the clip all the way to seat it properly. Such NEWBIE i am ..

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    Just an update that everything is working flawlessly, backup and original are working so far.

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    Great news, 1clicc!!!

    Enjoy your mod!!


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