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Thread: When is installing new IOS's necessary?

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    When is installing new IOS's necessary?


    I'm new to soft moding and would like to know if installing new IOS/CIOS's is needed for a softmoded Wii to run store bought original disks or if they are only needed to run backup games from USB and burnt disks.

    I'll use an example to make it clearer.
    If I have and original version of Twilight Princess that run perfectly before the softmod, will I have to install different IOS's to keep it running smoothly after the softmod?

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    Unless some IOS (9 in TP's case) got removed/deleted, all games should play exactly the same as they did before the softmod.

    However, updating your Wii is not recommended after softmodding, so you will need to update the IOS manually if a game is played through the Disc Channel. Let's say you want to play Metroid: Other M, you will have to update IOS56 to the latest revision.

    Games played from an external harddrive or burnt disks only rely on the cIOS. They do not rely on original Nintendo IOSes, no matter what people may tell you.
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    Yeah I think I've got it now. And it seems that installing IOSes isn't as difficult as I thought


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