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Thread: Update to 1.08 on IOS58 Issue - Some WADs Gone

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    Update to 1.08 on IOS58 Issue - Some WADs Gone

    Hi all, First time poster but used all your guides and they have been brilliant. Normally found all answers by search but not this issue.

    Wii 4.2E

    Updated HBC to 1.08 on IOS 58 (to enable WiiMC and Mplayer CE Channels). After successful update some of my WADs are missing from the HBC, namely Wad Manger 1.5 and MMM. I have tried to put the Wad Manger 1.7 (renamed dol) into the apps folder but still not there. Both are present on SD card. I have reinstalled HBC on a second channel to 1.06 on IOS 61 and the wads are there. Can anyone help to get the WADs back on 1.08?
    Thanks guys

    Also Installed are: USB Loader GX, Hackmii 0.6 and Priiloader 0.6 (upgraded from 0.5 after problem - no change)

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    Anybody help please?

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    so update did work, when you press home one hbc, it tells you IOS58?

    do you have an apps folder on your hdd as well ?
    does pressing 1 in hbc shows you a menu deciding if you want to load hdd or sd, switching helps?

    make sure all boot.dol files are located in separate folders inside apps.
    rename all .dol to boot.dol

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Thanks for the reply, yes update was successful showing IOS 58.
    No Files on HDD other than Games / ISO (WBFS formatted).
    Each app has own folder with boot.dol nothing changed in the wad manger or mmm folders.
    The problem became apparent immediately installing IOS 58 and upgrading to HBC 1.08.
    It cured the WiiMC channel issue though!
    Not tried pressing 1 on HBC but not with the wii at the mo so can't try. Do you think this could be important?

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    yes it could be the problem cuase you can choose weither hbc looks in the usb or sd card by pressing 1 and if your hbc is looking in the wrong place then you wont have any apps
    and could you delete 2 of the posts above please mate

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    Thanks for that, 2 posts deleted, had a lock up whilst posting. What is strange is that it is seeing the other apps fine, but I'll try that option to see if all ok.
    TVM mate.

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    Thanks for the suggestion fellas but it is still reading the SD card not USB. Tried the options in HBC using 1, no joy. Any other ideas please?

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    Make sure you have the apps setup properly.

    Example SD:\apps\wadmanager

    Not SD:\apps\wadmanager\wadmanager (folder inside another folder)

    What did you rename the wad manager .dol to?
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