Clean games as in 1:1 dumps from your own system.

If one of the games your trying to play is Metroid Other M, the wiikey fusion will play at 3x disc speed or roughly 3 MB/s which is too slow for the game to run and blacks out after the standard nintendo controller messages and warnings. Some games that have lots of pre-loading and 3x doesn't cut it. Until the wiikey team fixes it to run at 6 MB/s or 6x, some games will just crap out.

This is here to compile a list of games that crap out, aka black screen and/or controller shuts off, etc. This is mostly to benifit other users if they are trying to find others with the same issues or avoid the games until a fix is made.

List it like this so it is easily identifible:

Wii FW and region: 
wiikey FW #:
Example would look like this:

Game: Metroid Other M
Wii FW and region: 4.2U
wiikey FW #: 1.4
Description: Blacks out after the first standard wii controller screen. Controller still is active but nothing seems to be happening even after waiting for 10 minutes.

I will make a new post to just list clean games that black out. Hopefully someone at is reading it and effectively bring about a fix.

There is a difference if your game displays any of the windows below:

This is an iso that has been modified like DarkUmbra's Mario mod Find the Princess. Other mods include modified files to work with softmoded systems so they do not need to update any patches applied to the system.


This type of error has 2 types of causes. The first type is an incorrectly installed wiikey fusion, cables are not inserted properly. The second type is found on a softmodded system, the most common cause to this type is wiigator. Having wiigator and a hardmod like wiikey fusion installed is like having 2 antivirus packages installed on the same system. The system will exhibit slowdown or problems running things, in the case of the wii wiigator takes over the disc drive before wiikey fusion can run anything. To fix this, you will need to either update your wiigator properly or uninstall it.