Clean games as in 1:1 dumps from your own system.

If one of the games your trying to play is Metroid Other M, the wiikey fusion will play at 3x disc speed or roughly 3 MB/s which is too slow for the game to run and blacks out after the standard nintendo controller messages and warnings. Some games that have lots of pre-loading and 3x doesn't cut it. Until the wiikey team fixes it to run at 6 MB/s or 6x, some games will just crap out.

This is here to compile a list of games that crap out, aka black screen and/or controller shuts off, etc. This is mostly to benifit other users if they are trying to find others with the same issues or avoid the games until a fix is made.

List it like this so it is easily identifible:

Wii FW and region: 
wiikey FW #:
Example would look like this:

Game: Metroid Other M
Wii FW and region: 4.2U
wiikey FW #: 1.4
Description: Blacks out after the first standard wii controller screen. Controller still is active but nothing seems to be happening even after waiting for 10 minutes.

I will make a new post to just list clean games that black out. Hopefully someone at is reading it and effectively bring about a fix.

There is a difference if your game displays any of the windows below: